Node Ds+ 125 ml

Bioderma nodé ds+ shampooing anti-dandruff intense shampoo helps to fight dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis relieving signs of discomfort, such as flaking, itching and redness.
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An intensive shampoo that prevents recurrences of persistent dandruff and soothes itching lastingly cleanses and eliminates persistent dandruff, prevents recurrence instantly soothes fluid creamy texture product + : after 2 months of use, volunteers noticed a -83% decrease in erythema, a -78% decrease in scales and a -77% decrease in itching.
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How to use

As intense treatment (3 weeks): 3 shampoos per week or as a maintenance: 1 or 2 shampoos per week step 1 lather nodé ds+, lightly massaging your scalp. step 2 rinse the scalp. step 3 repeat the application. step 4 leave on for 5 minutes. step 5 then rinse thoroughly. product intended for adult use only. avoid contact with eyes. we recommend to use a shampoo of nodé p antipelliculaire (anti-dandruff) range or nodé shampooing fluide (fluid shampoo) as a follow-up and/or for alternate use.
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