Nutratopic Pro-Amp Emollient Cream 200 ml

Moisturizes and soothes atopic skin. Active protection for the defense system of the skin. For atopic skins.
27.84 USD

How to Use

Apply at least twice a day to the cleansed, dry skin of the affected areas as an adjuvant in order to control signs and as maintenance in remission periods. For the best results, use Nutratopic Emollient Bath Gel as part of your daily hygiene.
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Restores barrier function. Helps improve natural immune system that defends skin. Alleviates itching. Reduces inflammation. Inhibits the risk of bacterial adhesion
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Rhamnosoft Laureth-9 Glycerin Niacinamide L-Isoleucina Ceramide 3 Omega 6 Shea butther Fatty oil
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