Ureadin Ultra 40 Exfoliant Gel-Oil, 30 ml

Intense callus exfoliation and gentle reduction of thickened nails. Intense exfoliation of thickened areas, such as localised calluses or nail abnormalities.. Adjuvant in antifungal treatment and the treatment of flat warts, onychogryposis and nail psoria
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How to Use

Apply once or twice a day to the cleansed area. Wash your hands thoroughly after application.
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Reduces localised thickened skin and nails thanks to Urea ISDIN. Facilitates the penetration of antifungal treatment by smoothing the upper layers of the skin and nails. Gel-oil texture that provides optimum cosmetic effect, facilitating penetration and achieving greater Urea ISDIN stability at 40%.
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Urea ISDIN 40%.
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