Ureadin Podos Gel Oil 75 ml

Repairs and moisturizes dry and cracked feet. Eliminates hard skin, roughness and thickened skin on the heel and sole of the foot. Proven efficacy from the third day.
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How to Use

Apply two times a day on clean, dry skin, repeating on drier and rougher skin. Continue using it once a day to prevent dryness from returning.
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Repairs cracked skin caused by dryness thanks to allantoin, panthenol and shea butter. Eliminates moderately hardened skin, roughness and thickened areas thanks to the exfoliating action of lactic acid and bacillus ferment. Moisturizes intensely thanks to its Urea ISDIN, which retains water and ensures optimal hydration levels. Gel Oil texture, light, non-greasy and fast-absorbing.
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Urea ISDIN 10%. Lactic acid. Bacillus ferment. Allantoin. Arginine. Hyaluronic acid. Panthenol.
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